TriNational School Project

The very first result of CORE was the project “We in Europe – together for …”, which brings students aged around 15 from the three regions into contact so that they can get to know each other, communicate with each other and work together on a Rotary-supported project or topic, the result of which they present at the end. More info on the three schools involved, on the procedures and on the contact persons can be found here.

On top of improving their skills in a foreign language (english), the students share their views on a given topic and consequently acquire first social and political experience. More on what pupils can gain by such an experience can be found here. 

The project itself runs in three phases; first the students meet for a two-three days kick-off meeting. The very first one took place in Heilbronn (see report.  AND photos HE1, HE2 and HE3) and the second one in Bourg-en-Bresse (see report).

During those two days, the students, in consultation with the teachers, define a concrete topic within the frame of the specification “We in Europe – together for …”. Some time is also left for visiting the region; in 2024 the students got the chance to visit Geneva, the United Nations (UN) premises as well as CERN (see photo BB1, UN1 and CERN1and CERN2)

The common work of the students then takes place online and the project ends with a common presence event in another of the three participating countries. It was in Bergamo in 2023; more about it in «Report from the Bergamo concluding event» AND photos BE1, BE2 and BE3. The common work is then documented in a document as it was the case for the 2023 event (see document) and the students conclude the project with a self-evaluation (see “Evaluation_students_results 2023”).

During the Pforzheim conference  a presentation was given about the successes but also the problems, see document.