RES - Rotary European Stars – Bergamo May 2023

The second CORE project, the RES, had its very first meeting in Bergamo. It was attended by 30 people, aged between 18 and 25 years. Each participating district – 1710, 1830 and 2042 – sent 10 very motivated young persons to discuss about peace, about the more than ever importance of sharing common visions across Europe and understand how each of us can contribute to it. The leitmotiv of this first session was “From who are you? to what we are”.

Prestigious speakers were invited and discussions were very animated. To foster even more relationships between the participants, the organisers proposed visits, recreative moments and good food……

A nice summary including a video can be found here . A set of photos are attached hereafter. (Photos RES_Bergamo_1 to 4). The next RES week-end takes place in Stuttgart (see). In 2025, District 1710 will host the event in Lyon.

For more information on the RES, don’t hesitate to contact us.