About CORE

Part of being a person is about helping others

Our history

Three years ago our initiative has been borne, some of us being concerned on the further development of the European Unity.

It was and is our strong believe that the responsibility for this cannot be solely carried by national institutions and the European administrations but has to be supported more actively and revitalized by our civic society. One shot initiatives in form of common declarations on Europe supported by service club institutions, even including Rotary, turned out to give little impulses to move forward.

Therefore our concept is to start with concrete projects between our regions to support joint understanding.

Our projects

We carry out projects in the regions of Lombardy (Italy), Rhône Alpes (France) and Baden Württemberg (Germany), all with the common goal of bringing Europe closer to young people.
Our approach is to inspire as many Rotary clubs in the three districts as possible to enter into partnerships and joint projects. We concentrate on the exchange of young people from the three regions. The focus is on improving mutual cultural understanding and working together on European issues.

So far, we have launched two concrete projects. The first is the exchange of students from our three districts, who were able to visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
Secondly, in June a youth camp will take place in Bergamo, where young people and young professionals from the three regions will take part and will also deal with European issues. A third project will be hopefully finalized during our next ANNUAL CONFERENCE in Pforzheim from 20 to 22 October 2023 – Click to download the final flyer with the program and the registration instructions.
This third yearly conference, which comes after the ones in Bergamo and Lyon, will be attended by representatives of about 30 Rotary clubs from the three districts and neighboring districts.

The aim is to develop further project ideas based on the successfully implemented projects, which are to be adopted and multiplied by the clubs.